Thanks again for the great video that has given me the confidence to do it myself and save a bundle. Thank you for being an email away for answering questions too. Much appreciated!

Todd & Amy Bailey

Thanks Jason! Im a DIY’er and I tend to be a perfectionist and you have helped me alot with this project! My system is working great and cools like never before! It was 85 degrees outside and it was 44 degrees coming out of the vents, so thats a 41 degrees difference, and when driving at about 60 the tempature coming out of the vents went down to about 39 degrees. And yes, absolutley, you can put my testimony on your website!! Your videos and answering all my questions really helped! Let me know if you need me to write one or if your just going to use my email message.

David Moran

You are great. Basically any video you make on cars I would buy!
I don’t have time to read, and my mind is usually too busy to do so. I have studied mechanics for a while but have no one to teach me. Your videos help me see how things work.

David Ho

What’s next on the DVD instructional series ? Your electrical and brakes DVD were excellent.

Thanks, Ken McDonough

Ken McDonough

Your brake repair dvd gave me the tools and confidence to do it myself on my ’88 Pontiac Fiero. I have since sold that car and obtained a ’95 Z28 Camaro 6 speed. Please send a list or link of all available dvds.


Thank you for the wealth of knowledge and instruction in your courses Jason. I have saved over a thousand dollars at least so far by doing it myself with your teachings.

Jon S. Kahlkopf

Thanks for doing these videos. The brake repair video has helped me out greatly! I have a great time trying to work on my car. And these videos help me do that. Thanks again. Take care.


The information was helpful. Viewed before installing new front pads and rotors. No squeaks, new brakes.

Good Stuff mate, informative video for a bargain, Good luck with the Future! A+

Jason did a first class job. These DVDs answered all my questions.

Phil Deherckers