Mission Statement


I want to help everyone Maintain and Repair there own Vehicle. So I’m putting together a Collection of Videos that will cover Every kind of Repair. In my videos I simplify how the systems work, I show you what the tools look like, and how to use them, and then the fun begins. I take you on the journey of how I check out Vehicles as I receive them. I show you how I figure out what is wrong with the Vehicles system, Then I show you how to remove and replace the components or parts in the system while explaining what goes wrong and why.

I’ve been helping families and there vehicles for thirty years. Repairing every kind of problem with every kind of car. After 100,000 repairs I’m well versed and trained in giving you the best knoledge and training in Automotive Technology.

Now you have access to the information you need to fix your car. My Videos will save you alot of money.

So remember www.AutoRepairDVD.com is here to help you. Any time you have car trouble Send me your problem in an Email and I’ll either give you the answer in the reply or recomend which videos will fix your problem. If you hear someone talking about car troubles, please feel free to invite them to my site.