Your videos are awesome. I am learning more watching these videos than I am
in mechanic school. Please let me know when your new courses are ready.
Ryan Starr, Fort Madison, IA


Jason shows you how simple the electrical system is in your vehicle. He shows you all of his Techniques in solving electrical problems. The systems are broken down and you get to see Jason tracking problems in real time. Every lesson in the "Your Garage" series features this kind of detail and excellent teaching from a Professor of Automotive Technology.

In the video you'll learn:

  • What is OHM's Law and How Direct Current Electricity works.
  • The Tools Needed and how to use them.
  • How to read and understand Electrical Wiring Diagram Books and Schematics.
  • How Fuses and Relays work.
  • How to read the Electrical Schematic of the Starting system.
  • Battery and Alternator Circuits.
  • Blower Fan Circuits.

These are concentrated Automotive Technology courses designed to teach the Handyman as well as the average Mechanic.

Price: $14.95

Electrical Systems Repair DVD



Jason, your videos are great. I'm an automotive student at a local community college. I'm a person that learns more by watching, that's why these videos have helped me a lot. I recently had a homework assignment on a "no start condition". I watched the video about the no start condition, and it really helped. As a result the teacher told me that my paper was one of the 3 best in the class. Every video is helping me understand how a vehicle works and how to repair it. Thanks Jason!



Hi Jason,
I want to thank you for all your help resolving several issues on two different vehicles. In the past I would try and troubleshoot electrical problems on my cars with no luck. I'd usually replace a relay or some other component before giving up when nothing I did fixed the problem.

I watched the Electrical DVD several times and reviewed several parts again, thanks to you, I was able to figure out that the clock spring was the problem with my 2002 Mitsubishi Gallant horn. I tested the relay, put power to the horn from several locations in the circuit and made it work, leaving the clock spring as the problem. Your help on the phone when I removed the airbag was fantastic.

With all my new gained knowledge, I replaced the blower fuse block on my 1995 F-150; I was very happy to finally understand what I was looking at in drawing for wiring. I made up several test wires for my electrical tool box and now when I am asked to check on an electrical problem, I say yes instead of I have no clue.

Thank you Jason for all your help I recommend your DVDs to anyone that wants to spend some time and a few dollars on learning to avoid spending big bucks for a repair by doing it yourself.


Victor Ibarra

Excelent learnig DVD, highly recomend AAA++++

Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Sharon Sanchez

Solves the mystery of the digital volt ohm meter. thanks.

Jackson, MI

Damon Lawson

Very good tech trainer from one tech to another. Well explained !!!

Houston, TX